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When it comes to selling jewelry, Luxury watches, coins, and estate jewelry, there are many questions that we are faced. We have listed a few frequently asked questions to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

Yes, we pay cash for diamonds and advance payment for diamond jewelry. We inspect the diamond and provide an instant valuation as well as payment. Diamonds vary in price according to their weight, carat, country of origin, age, and gemstone. Our expert jewelers will examine the diamond and offer you money in exchange.

Not necessarily; we will give you a price based on the current market value, which may be higher than when you purchased it. We have a fantastic track record for providing excellent rates on diamond jewelry over the years and would be delighted to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

ATX Jewelry Exchange is the best place to sell your loose diamonds. We have years of experience in the diamond trade and strong relationships with all of our neighbors, including sellers, buyers, jewelry designers, restorers, and others. We take pride in being a friendly and hardworking team that is here to meet your every need. There is no such thing as an impossible request, and we will gladly find you the best price for your loose diamonds.

In addition to diamond jewelry, we also buy:

  • Loose Diamonds
  • Estate Jewelry
  • Luxury Watches
  • Gold Jewelry
  • Scrap Gold
  • Coins

Everyone will have different reasons, but the simple answer is: to make money. Maybe you inherited a coin or a collection that you don’t want to keep. Perhaps you want to contribute to the purchase of a large item such as a car, home, or vacation. Perhaps you want to buy more/different coins, and selling the one(s) you have will provide you with the funds to do so. Whatever your reason for selling, ATX Jewelry Exchange can help.

The value of your coin is determined by its date, mintmark, and condition, rarity (low mintage coins are rarer than high production mintage coins), or, in the case of some gold and silver coins, the intrinsic precious metal content.

Wristwatches are appealing items. However, their true worth is determined by a variety of factors. Luxury timepieces are regarded as an excellent investment. The demand for Rolex timepieces has skyrocketed in recent years. Used or vintage versions made of specific materials or with unique design features may be valuable in the future, depending on future trends.

We are the best gold buyers in Austin TX and surrounding areas where you can sell scrap gold. We work with a wide range of carat weights, sizes, and standards. We offer the best gold prices in Austin TX.

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